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James Reynolds C.E.O. Spirit Energy

    Mr. Reynolds has exemplified the entrepreneurial spirit in the United States and abroad for over 46 years. His widely diversified career began modestly at age 13 with a shoe shine concession in a neighborhood barber shop.

    As Chairman of JRJ Industries, Mr. Reynolds has obtained and holds 14 U.S. patents, and established International relationships in manufacturing and marketing.

    Jim’s passion for ecology launched Combustion Compliance Corporation in the early 90’s, As C.E.O. Their leadership in proprietary Technology reduced the total Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Monoxide emissions at the Exxon Rotterdam Refinery in Holland by 82%. Cleaning up the largest single source of pollution in the Netherlands Combustion Compliance is currently a major consulting, mechanical, and engineering firm operating from New York to California making significant.

   Mr. Reynolds, Republican Small Business Man of the Year 2002, has worked closely with the E.P.A. as well as local and state agencies for reduction of pollutants world wide. Jim’s 12 year relationship as a primary consultant in oil and gas delivery systems for Exxon, Mobile, Shell, Equilon, Unocal, Arco, Total, Washington Gas and CNG, established the foundation and networking positions that has now directed his efforts to the energy crisis as founder and C.E.O. of Spirit Energy, a fully staffed oil and gas exploration company in Texas.

James E. Reynolds
Place of Birth:
Dallas, Texas
Date of Birth:
October 28, 1945
Marital Status:
Married 49 Years
Wife's Name:
Darlene Reynolds

Julie D. Reynolds
Jason S. Reynolds

9972 CR. 2469 Royse City, Texas
Education, College:
Texas A&M at Commerce
Major: Music
Minor: Business Administration

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