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Mission Statement

Welcome to Spirit Energy LLC

  Spirit Energy's primary mission is; "The discovery of new oil and gas fields containing abundant reserves located in the South Texas Wilcox Trend in the Counties of Jim Hogg, Zapata, and adjacent areas, as well as other areas the company deems commercially feasible."

  The ongoing discovery of new fields repeatedly each year in Texas, the United States, and worldwide negates news rhetoric that few remaining major reservoirs of hydrocarbons exist.

  Factually, the objective many of the wells drilled in South Texas from the 1960's to 2000 targeted one primary zone, especially those drilled by the majors. However hi-definition logging capabilities and 21st century completion techniques of co-mingling zones, and multi-staged fracs (treating and producing several pay zones at once) have revealed the potential of these bypassed and undiscovered reservoirs. Spirit's objective is the maximization of production from the development of drilling prospects containing these attributes. This objective will be achieved through the data and resources accumulated and available to Spirit Energy.

  It is has been documented that the majority of the oil and gas discovered in this country has been found by independent companies, that are often small and staffed with individuals who have participated in drilling wells in the particular area and who customarily may have studied a multitude of electrical logs from wells drilled in the region. These companies have then developed their prospects supported by utilizing the most advanced technology available, which today is HD-3D seismic. Thus, the independent with sufficient experience and knowledge of a region may move precisely and expeditiously, unhampered by the excess baggage of a major oil company, with its huge administrative costs and committee system of decision making.

  We believe that Spirit's greatest asset, as in most triumphs of human achievement, is the ability to seek out and build on the accomplishments of pioneers, but without the restraints of "the herd mentality". Spirit will accomplish this goal by propagating "new ideas". The people associated with Spirit Energy are innovative thinkers.

  "Our direction at Spirit is not to follow in the paths of others, but to establish new trails for others to follow."


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